The adverse impacts of Social Media on our Country cannot be underestimated.

When you are on Facebook or other Social Media Platforms, you are open for business. The more you engage, the better they know you. The better they know you, the more effectively they can advertise to you.

Social Media platforms measure their success based on conversion. They win, when you purchase. They are going to be on point with the data and understand that goal number one, is to keep you on there and coming back.

Almost everyone is spending significant portions of their day communicating and interacting with information on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms.

The more time you spend engaging, communicating and consuming content and almost everyone holds a political ideology where their side is right on every issue and the other side is a bunch of confused morons that need to do their research.

It’s no secret that our country has become extraordinarily divided. On nearly every single political issue there is widespread disagreement. Undoubtedly the thing we have most in common with one another is a sudden belief that we know everything and those who disagree with us are abject morons that “need to do their research.”